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About Us

Transition with Precision, Move with Confidence: Your Story, Our Expertise.

Mission Statement

At Thompson Moving & More, Our mission is to provide exceptional moving services that seamlessly transition our customers to their new destinations. We are dedicated to delivering a stress-free and reliable moving experience, tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Origin Story

Typically there are two options when choosing a moving company and each has a significant downside. Either choose a larger company that’s usually impersonal, hard to deal with, and charges an arm and a leg for a 50/50 chance of getting a good product or go with the smaller guys that show up with no equipment or materials and pay for an insufficient product with a significant amount of damages. I hate that people have been made to feel like there are no other options than paying ridiculous rates or making a gamble out of all of their personal belongings. That's why my wife and I started Thompson Moving & More, LLC to offer a third option to the customers of Birmingham Alabama. Our mission is to bring professional, affordable, and friendly service back into the moving industry. Thompson Moving & More has all the benefits of dealing with a small family-run business and all the professionalism and knowledge of dealing with an industry-leading giant. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and can handle any local move big or small. We offer the best service around Birmingham for the best price. Our crews are top-of-the-industry trained professionals who work as a cohesive team to provide our customers with the most simple, friendly, and efficient move possible!


I am a professional mover with a passion for serving people and providing moving guidance so that people have the option to enjoy the experience of relocation without having to stress over all the many decisions that come with it. I believe people deserve to make an informed decision for their specific move without feeling pressured to spend more money than necessary and I am committed to helping educate you on what your best options are based on your specific move details. With over half a decade of moving experience, I have developed a deep understanding of move management and have a proven track record of providing customers with a 5-star moving experience from start to finish.

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